Baseus Metal Series 3-in-1 Cable with Led Light (Iphone+Type C+Micro usb)


Baseus Metal Series 3-in-1 Cable (Micro, Type-C + iP)

Charge all your devices with one cable fits ALL.

Best and Strong braided

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Baseus Metal Series 3-in-1 Cable with Led Light (Iphone+Type C+Micro usb)


This stunning and super high quality woven 3-in-1 cable from our Rapid Series range features a three interfaces; micro, iP (lightning) and Type-C.

What makes this cable so special is the fact it is able to deliver 3.5A fast charging to multiple devices.

The bold high quality tinned copper core is designed to improve charging performance by up to 30%.

The high density nylon material is hard wearing and durable, preventing the cable from being damage through bending or pulling. In addition, the high quality aluminum shell is rust and corrosion resistant, ensuring this cable benefits from longevity that way surpasses cheaper alternatives.

Main Features:

Type-C output design
This innovative output design conforms to the trend of the times, enables you to charge your phone directly from Type-C interface devices.

3 in 1 design
Micro USB / Type-C / 8 Pin switch freely, compatible with most of devices, bringing a great convenience to you.

3.5A high-speed charging
It supports 3.5A current for charging of several devices at the same time, demonstrating good charging performance.

Each connector lights up when the device is charging

Shorten charging time
With bold high-quality tinned copper wire core, speeding up charging by 30 percent.

High strength material
With high-quality aluminum alloy shell which sensitively and accurately adapts to device interface for charging, prolonging the using time of the product.

Prevention of breakage
With fine woven wire, the cable body is compactly converged, fashionable and abrasion resistant.

Nylon braided cable
Anti-twining design, more tensile and durable, enabling you to have no more hassle of tangling cords.

Convenient design
You can easily charge your phone without taking the case off.

Current: 3.5A max

1.2 metres long.

Disclaimer (Product model and color may sightly differ but functionality will be same as mentioned)


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