Huawei Charger Adapter 5V 2Amp Fast Charge


Huawei Adopewr for Huawei Mobiles and Smart watches.

fast charging nice color, light weight, best for mobiles

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Huawei Charger:

Product details of Huawei Charger Switching Power Adopter 5V 2Amp
Excellent build quality
Fast Charging Support
Max output 2A
White color
Brand: Huawei
Huawei Genuine charger is light weight but packs the power you need to charge your device. Charge your device and eliminate the need to worry about running out of battery. Super portable design simple to plug in. Huawei?s quick charging technology allows you to use your phone while it is charging. The compact and durable design makes it convenient to charge your battery while on the go.

Its not Original Adapter.

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